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Events That Produce: A Template for Success

First, answer these questions:

1. What is your event goal(s)? (revenue, awareness, relationship building, etc.)

2. How does this event align with your Organizational Goals?

3. How will you ensure this event does not cannibalize other events or programs within your organization?

4. How will this event be different than other events?

Then, define these details:

  • Who is your audience?

Describe your ideal attendee including age, wealth, profession, work and/or home location, hobbies, likes/dislikes, time availability, preferred event times/locations, reason for attending this event e.g. professional networking, family fun event, date night, honor a colleague, etc.

  • List the type of event(s) that resonate with your target audience AND meets your stated goals?

  • What are the key things you want attendees to walk away with?

  • Potential Partners: Who could you potentially partner with to produce this event?

Think of media, people or places that could promote the event/spread the word, media, in-kind donors, emcee, community leadership, etc.)

  • What will be your Primary revenue streams e.g. sponsorship, ticket sales, etc.

  • What will be your Secondary revenue streams e.g. auction, raffles, contest, etc.

  • What Revenue enhancers can you build in (usually on-site activities like a 50/50 raffle, games, merchandise sales)?

Sketch event structure:

▪ Potential Event Chair(s)

▪ Potential Leadership committee members who will leverage their contacts to secure sponsorships and major donations.

▪ Potential Planning committee members who will plan the details.

▪ Potential sub-committees (auction/raffle, sponsorship, marketing/ticket sales)

▪ Detail logistical needs such as possible food/beverage, volunteers, signage, etc.

▪ Outline your vision for this event

• Theme

• Potential Location(s):

• Virtual, in-person or hybrid event?

• Pricing per ticket?

• Number of expected attendees

•Email, hard copy invitation or both

Event Revenue Enhancers:

• Ticket upgrades: VIP reception, early admission, reserved seating, autograph, drink tickets

• Program Book advertising

• 50/50

• Super Raffles

o Lottery tree/wreath/board

o Jewelry raffle

o Gift card tree/wreath/board

o Liquor basket

o Wine bottle raffle / Cork Pull

o Gemstone raffle, Champagne and Diamonds

• Games

o Heads or Tales

o Purse Prize Raffle

o Golden Ticket (winner gets pick any auction item before auction)

o Reverse Raffle

• Moment for Mission live auction

o Special raffle for donors at higher levels

• Silent

o But it Now Option

o Blue Line Raffle

o Mystery box raffle, mystery prize

• Live auction

o Double up (offer same prize to runner up)

• Auction package solicitation

o Consignment – Winspire

o Travel

o Behind scenes tour (Conservatory?)

o Lunch with CEO, Pastor, Conductor

•Ride on firetruck, parade car

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