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Annual Fundraising Grid

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Recently I helped a nonprofit client grow their annual unrestricted income from less than $30K to more than $200,000... in ONE YEAR! They had never raised more than $70K annually – and that was all from events, which really hurt in 2020.

What’s the secret?

Incremental increases, across a variety of ingredients, delivered consistently month after month. We are not talking about sweeping changes here. You don’t have to worry about a ton of more work, more staff, or complex strategies. Just focus on what you are already doing well, add a few ingredients, and mix.

That’s where this Annual Grid comes in, to get everyone on the same page. And not just aware of their roles, but bought in, excited, and committed to the agency’s success!

This was a BIG problem for this client.

· The Board was frustrated by the lack of progress so they made up new fundraisers for the staff to manage, like a Spay and Neuter campaign.

· The staff was frustrated because the Board never seemed to help them with the events, they actually needed help with!

· Then we presented it to the Board. This allowed them to see the whole planning cycle and the progress. There were far less discussions about additional events and more about how to make each event and campaign a success.

· Most importantly, this helped the Board and staff jointly identify ways the Board could step in and help.

The Annual Fundraising Grid…

1. Allowed them to explore a variety of possible ingredients

2. Helped them focus and organize their resources

3. Kept the Board and staff rowing in the same direction

You can craft the most amazing plan but if all members of the team are not IN the boat and rowing in the same direction – you're sunk.

Here is a template I created for you to develop a strategy that fits your organization and your donors! Download now!

LSP - Annual Fundraising Grid Template
Download XLSX • 38KB

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