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30 minute intro call

I offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory session for all new/potential coaching clients. 

I know you may want to check me out before signing on to an ongoing coaching arrangement.

Sometimes, you just want to toss around a few ideas or share a particular problem you’ve

been unable to resolve.


I take on a handful of consulting projects a year. These are intensive and usually last three to six months with the conclusion being a deliverable to my client such as a report or presentation.

These have included capacity assessments, feasibility studies, organizational restructure plans

and program creation.  During this first call you will outline your needs and proposed project.

I will follow this call with a custom proposal.

Abstract Horizon

Training / Speaker

This has included Board or staff trainings, retreat facilitation, workshops, conference or

meeting presenter.  I'm not your average fundraiser; I have been in the nonprofit trenches and succeeded. The focus of my training is to provide valuable insights, actionable steps and candor. Nonprofit work is hard. Sometimes, you need to laugh at the folly of it all. It's has also given

my your life (and yours I imagine) unparalleled meaning. 


Apply for coaching

Coaching consists of monthly, bi-monthly or weekly calls. This is your time and you set the agenda (I’ll make suggestions). Together, we will laser in on your specific strengths and needs, and stay focused until you no longer need me.  I promise candid feedback, strategic focus, and applicable lessons. As your coach, I am your confidant, sounding board, guide, connector, and motivator.

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