Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a fundraising coach



Candid Feedback– l will listen with intent and provide guidance using both experience and expertise. Think of me as your confidential sounding board. I’ll provide a balanced perspective to your problems and opportunities.

Strategic Focus – I have a gift for seeing the vision. However, I have also been in your shoes. I know firsthand that in the nonprofit sector getting to that vision is a bumpy ride. I love to brainstorm and get creative with clients and then help you get laser-focused with an action plan. I am your partner, every step of the way.


Applicable Lessons – My goal is to teach you everything I know, and continue to learn, about fundraising.  I want to help you feel confident when asking major donors for gifts. Throughout our time together I will share educational resources, tools, and worksheets (many of which I have developed), expertise, and anecdotes. And every piece of information will be framed so it’s applicable to your situation.


60 minutes. This allows enough time for you to brief me on the matter at hand (or just debrief), for us to discuss and then, develop the next steps. My clients tell me this is easily the most rewarding hour that they spend.



First, you’ll pour your heart out. You’ll teach me about your organization and tell me about what keeps you up at night.


Next, we will outline your challenges, goals, and expectations for our work together.

Then, we will set up a regular day/time for our calls. I will help you accomplish your objectives to reach your goals. We’ll imagine new strategies that may not have occurred to us at the outset. This is your time and you set the agenda (I’ll make suggestions). My job is to help, have your back, and offer support and guidance as you begin to implement what we’ve discussed.


In between calls, I may send you helpful articles, examples, and advice. I am also available to review donor materials, answer questions, and offer advice.


Finally, I will keep you on track toward your goal(s). The advantage of working with a coach is that I will keep your progress front and center for you and me. I am always thinking about my clients, researching their needs, generating ideas, and strategizing for our next few calls.


My clients have asked for guidance on every aspect of fundraising, organizational management, “feed and caring” of the Board, community leadership, and more. You’ll take advantage of my 20 years’ experience in nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. You will benefit from the success I have had in organizations just like yours. I will keep you focused and motivated. Executive Directors who’ve worked with me are more confident, raised more money, and achieved the results they seek.



You’ll get the best long-term results with a 6 to 12-month coaching package.  Most coaching is done bi-weekly. Clients seeking faster results or those with more complicated needs, often opt for weekly sessions. We can also do once a month if that fits best with your budget and bandwidth. Either way, it’s a bit like therapy.  The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.



The scheduled calls are powerful, but life happens between calls. I only work with a handful of coaching clients at a time to make sure you have virtually unlimited email and phone support. If something comes up, feel free to reach out. There is no need to worry if the “meter is running.” It’s included. You can breathe easy knowing I’m always here for you. I’ll also respond as quickly as possible, usually within 24 to 48 hours.



As a coaching client, you also have the opportunity to run your fundraising letters, emails, and other significant communications by me for edits and suggestions. I keep apprised of the latest and greatest in fundraising strategies and bring these to you. I’ll even make the edits in a way that allows you to decide if you agree or not. This service comes at no additional charge. (One caveat, I am not a proofreader. My main objective is to provide you with feedback on messaging, tone, and structure.)


Monthly coaching packages start at $550. It’s extraordinarily cost-effective when you consider you’re getting someone with 20+ years of in-the-trenches experience at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a seasoned fundraiser on staff. And if you’re primarily looking to train someone (yourself, a staff member, or your Board) it’s a far better investment than a class or conference that offers a generic cookie-cutter approach.


Together, we will laser in on your specific needs and stay focused there until you no longer need my help. Also, there are relatively few nonprofit coaches out there who have had significant experience as a non-consultant. I’ve been in nonprofit fundraising for more than 20 years. I’ve been where you are. I know first-hand how amazing and challenging this work can be. I have also been on the funder side, having spent six years at a foundation. I am honored to use my expertise, experiences and unique perspective to help you go further, faster.  


Coaching is for registered 501(c)3 nonprofits who are ready to grow their nonprofit’s funding now and are serious about being coached. My clients must have at least (1) staff member, a base of donors to engage and are ready to invest in change and growth. I generally do not work with startups. 


Yes. I offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory session for all new/potential clients. I know you may want to check me out before signing on to an ongoing coaching arrangement. Plus, sometimes, you just want to toss around a few ideas or share a particular problem you’ve been unable to resolve. Even a quick call with me can be quite productive.

Also, I suggest you check out these testimonials from nonprofits I have worked with. 


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